Nitrogen Fertilizer Solution

Nitrogen Fertilizer Solution

NITROMINE is an ideal product for plants that require high nitrogen for overground plant organ activity, pre-blooming and fruit growth period.

NITROMINE increases overground plant organ activity and re-sprouting. It can be safely used in plants where growth stagnation is observed.

NITROMINE increases the fruit size and quality when used in the fruit growing season.

NITROMINE provides yield increase when used in granular plants, especially in grains.

NITROMINE provides rejuvenation and refreshment when used in periods of early ageing and in plants.

NITROMINE can be safely applied to the soil, it can also be applied to the foliage.

NITROMINE is used safely in combination with phytosanitary products, fertilizers and plant growth regulators.


Guaranteed Content
Total Nitrogen (N) % 15 w/w
Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N) % 15 w/w
Soil Application : 1,5-2 Lt./ Decar in every application.
Foliar Application: 200 - 250 cc./ 100 Lt. Water
Once the crop production is complete, it is applied as and when required during any period.
Do not mix with alkaline products, oil, sulphur, copper and copper products. It is recommended to test before mixing.
Packaging Shape
1-5-10 - 20 - 200 - 1000 Lt