Plant Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Plant Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer

COMPELA is a specific product derived from wet plants. Through long practice and trials it is now a product available on the market.

COMPELA reacts with the growth and development of applied products in a very short time. It can be safely used by the plants during all periods.

COMPELA responds to the plants needs every time due to its special content.

COMPELA directly and indirectly increases the formation of fringe root in plants. Provides increased fringe root surface in contact with soil.

Due to its unique formulation, it improves the chemical and physical structure of the soil.

COMPELA improves its biological structure by increasing microbial activity in the soil. It improves the physical structure of the soil by increasing the cation exchange and water retention capacity.

It ensures that the main nutrients and micro elements found in soil (unavailable) are released and used by plants.

COMPELA can be safely used in every period of cultivation in order to increase yield and quality in soil where organic matter is insufficient.


Guaranteed Content
Total Organic Matter % 20 w/w
Organic Carbon % 8 w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) % 1,5 w/w
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) % 3,5 w/w
pH 4,5 - 6,5
Instructions for use
It can be safely applied from the soil and the leaves in all kinds of agricultural products.
Total Organic Matter % 30 w/w
Total Humic Fulvic Acid % 20 w/w
Humic Acid % 5 w/w
Fulvic Acid % 15 w/w
Soil Application : 1-2 Lt. / Decar in every application.
Foliar Application : 200 - 250 cc / 100 Lt. Water
Once the crop production is complete, it is applied as and when required during any period.
It can be applied as a mixture with all agricultural products with acid character. Physical control is recommended before applying with oil preparations.
Packaging Shape
1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 200 - 1000 Kg. or Lt