Plant Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Plant Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer

SIGMA is a special product derived from moist plants. Through experimental trials and applications, the product is now available on the market.

SIGMA increases microbial activity in the soil and improves the biological structure. It increases the water retention capacity of the cation exchange and improves the physical structure of the soil. The product produces major nutrients in the soil which are extracted by the plant and its micro-elements.

Thanks to its exclusive content, the plant responds enhancing growth and development, throughout the seasons (without this content, the soil will be unable to extract these elements).

SIGMA increases the fringe root formation directly in the plants. Contact with soil roots, allows the increase of the root surface.

SIGMA has its special formulation that improves the soil through chemical and physical structure.

Organic substance can be safely used in all seasons of the farming to improve the efficiency and quality if the soil is inadequate.

SIGMA applied products react in a very short period of growth and development. Plants can be safely used during all periods.


Guaranteed Content
Total Organic Matter % 35 w/w
Organic Carbon % 16 w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) % 1 w/w
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) % 3 w/w
pH 5,6 – 7,6
Instructions for use
The product can be applied to all kinds of agricultural products, both to the soil and the leaves.
Total Organic Matter % 40 w/w
Total Humic Fulvic Acid % 32 w/w
Humic Acid % 7 w/w
Fulvic Acid % 25 w/w
Soil Application: 1-2 Lt. / Decar Each application.
Foliar Application: 200 - 250 cc / 100 lt. Water
Provided cropping continues, you can use throughout the duration of each term.
It can be applied as a mixture with all acid based agricultural products. Before applying with oil based products, it is necessary to put physical controls in place.
Packaging Shape
1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 200 - 1000 Lt.