pH Reducer, Salinity Relief

pH Reducer, Salinity Relief


From the natural structure of soils, long-term agricultural activities, irrigation water, used plant nutrients, etc. Salinity(sodium) problems occur at over time.

The salinity problem reaches its maximum level with the appearance of white salt crystals on the soil surface.

Excessive salinity problems are the biggest threats to agricultural production.

ARCHER is used for soils with salinity problems such as desalting or used as soil conditioner.

The best way to combat the salinity (sodium) is to replace the sodium element with the calcium element to release the sodium and finally moving away from the soil surface by moving downwards.

The polyhydroxycarboxylic acids found in ARCHER are the best change carriers and are the perfect soil conditioner for salty soils.


Instructions for use
For each acre from drip should be applied 1.5 - 2 LT. It can be up to 5 LT in extremely dusty soil.
STORAGE: ARCHER should be stored out of direct sunlight, non-humidity and in a dry environment at temperatures between + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C. It is non flammable. Stacking more than five blocks over the top will damage the integrity of the parcel. The direction of the arrows on the parcel should be observed during transport.
COMPANY DECLARATION : Our company can not be held liable for future negligence when the product is not kept in its recommended condition and not used as instructed.