pH Reducer - Diffusion Adhesive

pH Reducer - Diffusion Adhesive

Blue Down is an effective product with pH reducer, descaler and spreader adhesive at the same time.

Blue Down should firstly be mixed in a sufficient amount to the spraying water, in order to obtain maximum benefit from spraying and fertilizing.

Blue Down reduces the liquid surface tension of the spraying and fertilizing water. This allows the pesticides, fertilizers and growth regulators to cover the spread of the plant to the leaf surface better.

Blue Down is used to reduce the pH of the water to the desired pH value of the plant nutrition and growth regulators, especially by mixing it with high pH water.

Blue Down ensures that pesticides, plant nutritional products and growth regulators remain on the leaf surface during application of the leaf due to the spreader adhesive feature.

Blue Down is also a descaler. The limescale in the spraying water turns into soluble calcium.

Blue Down relieves blockages in lime-based mangles in spraying nozzle.


Spraying Water : 40 - 50 cc./ 100 LT. WATER
Once the crop production is complete, it is applied as and when required during any period.
Packaging Shape
0,250 – 0,5 - 1-5-10 - 20 Lt