SC - 55

Soil Regulator

Soil Regulator

SC – 55 is an excellent natural soil conditioner designed to prevent soil compression or to eradicate existing compression.

SC - 55 is 100% natural. It is made of coconut and palm.

SC – 55 has an excellent formulation that can be degraded biologically (96-99%) without chemical toxicity.

SC – 55 when applied, it penetrates the deeper layers of the soil via the vertical movement of the water, thereby filling the gaps in the soil and cutting through hard layers.

SC - 55 provides solutions to problems such as soil compaction, formation of slip layering and ponding.

SC - 55 can be applied during any period of the year. Spring and Autumn applications are however much more convenient. It is homogenously applied to the soil by pulverizing. During the application process, it is necessary for the soil to be tempered after 30 days of precipitation or watering, to obtain effective results.

SC – 55 can be safely used in all kinds of plant nutrition products (humic, fulvic acid, drip irrigation straw, ...) and with plant protection products (herbicide, pesticide, ...).

SC - 55 is able to be used safely with other soil applied plant nutrition products that are applied vertically in to the soil, which aids better penetration


Guaranteed Content
Ammonium Lauret Sulphate % 55
Instructions for use
It is suitable for all kinds of crop production. The applications are homogenously pulverized and mixed (15-20 cm) into the annealed soil. It can be applied by drip irrigation.
Soil Application : 100-200 cc. / Decar in Every Year.
Except for acid and alkaline products, all plant nutrients are compatible with phytosanitary and plant growth regulators.
Packaging Shape
0,5 - 1 - 2 – 2,5 - 5 - 10 – 20 – 50 – 100 - 200Lt.