Spreading adhesive (Organic Silicon)

Spreading adhesive (Organic Silicon)

SMART should be mixed in a sufficient amount of water for spraying, in order to obtain maximum benefit from pesticide and fertilizer.

SMART reduces the liquid surface tension of water for spraying and fertilizing. This allows the pesticides, fertilizers and growth regulators to cover the spread of the plant to the leaf surface better.

SMART helps to infiltrate and completely spread the pesticide that is used in combination with the hairy, waxy or sticky areas of the gut and the plant. Thus, there is no surface uncovered on the leaf and better results are obtained without spraying.

SMART is resistant to washing through the surface of the leaf from rain, sprinkler irrigation, dew etc. In this way, the repetitive cost of spraying pesticide is prevented.

SMART ensures that pesticides, plant nutritional products and growth regulators remain on the leaf surface during leaf application.

SMART prevents the lens effect, which can occur, due to covering the surface of the leaf well.

SMART does not form foamin the spraying water.


Guaranteed Content
Organic Silicone Adjuvant (100% Polyether-Polymethylsiloxane-Copolymer) % 100
Instructions for use
Once the crop production is complete, it is applied as and when required during any period.
Packaging Shape
0,100 - 0,250 Lt